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Jacob Palmer, Central Intelligence Agency. I'm the guy you've been communicating with. You're far from your friends, Sergeant Hines.

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Burn everything until flaming gel splatters across him, lighting him up for us to track.

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I have Freddy and the boys, they pulled me out of the ditch. Charleston's safe. Just fucking gone. That man you're compelled to hunt? And the river god?

I have something to show you. What are you becoming?

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He was pushed by grief to the point where I got men in this unit I trust, men I know, men I've shed blood with, and they're saying things happened to them that they can't explain. As of this moment He's the only survivor of the river god who can still talk. No one else had.

Major Brickerson. We keep the survivors of his attacks at Quatro, in the field hospital. That's when I called in the air strike. Something I'll never be able to explain.

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Eventually, he wandered into an NVA Base, begging for help There was some You know who he is? Get some rest. It amplifies the gift you already have. More like visions.

Corporal Richard Bracken. A simple villager.

What happened? Look, I'm not here to connect the dots for you.

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He is an error. The day started weird.

Tarheel was gone. It did. He had a wife. The river god did this three days ago.

Changing matter inside the dead, reanimating them as visions of his own hell. I mean, I was in America. Too late, though.

I don't mean like a dream or nothing. I'm duck sure you care if these soldiers live or die, You don't even care if you live or die.

I'm the guy you've been communicating with. The events at Tarheel are classified.

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In the jungle. Did that happen at Charleston Air Base?

Because then, uh It just doesn't make sense. Maybe that's how it works. Outside of Tay Ninh, on the border of Cambodia.

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Trying to tell me something One minute, I'm in the jungle, looking at that The next, I'm in South Carolina, back on the day we were gonna deploy. I need you to do something for me, Hines. Please recount the events at Firebase Tarheel. You're far from your friends, Sergeant Hines. Who are you?

This is the electromagnetic coil gun.