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Shot dead helping Captain America escape from that Communist country. Clayton Claymore [82] — Cyborg. Died on mission to El Corazon de la Muerte.

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Richard Rennselaer [93] — Field agent L-6 ; reed. Margaret Huff [] — Nick Fury's personal secretary.

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Barbara Morse Mockingbird [] — Known as Agent Phil Dexter [] — Retired. Shannon Lawrence [] — Undercover agent exposed to mutating virus giving her ability to shoot knives from her fingers. Kevin Kraller [] — Rank L-6; deceased. Killed by an undercover A.

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Shot dead helping Captain America escape from that Communist country. Rico Santana [] — Rank L-3; expelled. He was dismissed from S. She reed following Operation: Zero Tolerance. Frank Rhodes [] — Quit S.

He was killed. William Wesley [] — Test pilot who volunteered to test the quantum bandswhich overloaded and killed him.

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Assassinated by Scourge of the Underworld. Kite [] — On black-ops team the Contingency. Scott Niles Lawrence [] — Oersonals L-6; deceased. Erik Gorbo [] — Scientist.

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Killed by agent Kara Palamas. Friend of Bison. Imprisoned by Nick Fury.

She was recruited as an intern and then a member of Excalibur. John Garrett [] [] — Cybernetically enhanced agent, known for his lack of discipline. Eugene Spandell [82] — Cyborg.

He was later ased inventory duty at Virginia storage center. He was thought dead, but was later revealed alive and known as Answer. Killed by Scourge.

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Killed by Nick Fury. Rapture's a low-level telepath.

Turned rogue and was captured. Died on mission to El Corazon de la Muerte.

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She reed from S. She was later killed by Mephisto.

Texas Twister [] — Member of the first Super Agents program. She was killed by Baron Strucker. Later becomes the President of the United States of America by the unwanted help of Elektrawho put his mind into the body of the fictional President Ken Wind, in order to save the world.

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He was killed by agent Thurman. He was re-absorbed by the original Madrox. Rank L He turned rogue and used S. She was killed.

Hardcase and the Harriers [] — Mercenaries who are former agents of S. Jeremy Latcham [] — Double agent for the Purifiers. Buck Richlen [] — Rank L-5; expelled. She was killed in telepathic battle with Psi-Borg.

He was a double agent for the Corporation. Adam Manna [] — Rank L-6; expelled. Was later killed by Elektra.